npSIG 2018, Nepal School on Internet Governance


Nepal School of Internet Governance (npSIG) is a multi-stakeholder initiative jointly led by Internet Society Nepal (ISOC Nepal) and Forum for Digital Equality (FDE) in association with Department of Information (DOIT), Nepal Telecommunication Authority, ISPAN, CAN Federation, SICT, ITS and nPIX to enhance the capacity of young people on the Internet Governance issues and equip them so that they can participate and contribute at higher level of the Internet Governance process. Additionally, npSIG also aims at building expert forums on Internet Governance through the alumni of the school. npSIG offer understanding, framing, and outlining actions to be taken in the current Internet Governance (IG) environment. It also offers potential governance scenarios and analyze its international, regional, and national political, economic, technical and other implications. The School will help individuals to better understand the global and regional Internet Governance issues, settings, and processes, while gaining access to comprehensive and structured knowledge on various aspects of Internet Governance, and the actors, issues and settings surrounding it.


The Main objective of the NPSIG is to bring in all stakeholders to a single platform to discuss issues and processes relating to Internet Governance. Following are the major objectives of NPSIG.

  • TO bring stakeholders in one platform discuss IG issues and processes.
  • Identify and develop current issues relating to internet governance in Nepal,
  • Enhanceüvareness, knowledge and capacity of stakeholders,
  • Create platform to engage with government institutions and regulating authorities,
  • Identify and engage in policy advocacy and lobbying.

Download Brochure npSig Agenda


Call for Participation: npSIG announces call for participation for the first ever Nepal School of Internet Governance (npSIG). Any individual from Nepal interested in the Internet Governance and wish to contribute another level of Internet Governance discussion may apply as General Participants. Any interested international individual who has the interest in the Internet Governance issues can apply as international participants. Total national general participants for the School is 35 and the number of international general participants shall not exceed the 25 percent of the national participants. Please check this link for application:

Deadline: January 15, 2018

Selection Criteria: Selection Committee shall select the Participants based on their merit and stakeholder quota. While considering the participation, the Selection committee shall evaluate the level of interest, experience in the subject matter, past contribution and stakeholder distribution shall be considered as parameters. npSIG will highly try to balance the gender and other distribution.

Selection Committee: The Selection Committee is comprise of 5 members who has significant experience in Internet Governance issues in Nepal.

Download npSIG Operations Manual List of Felowship participants npSIG 2018

Target Audience

The target audience will be comprised of practitioners, researchers and professionals from the following different sectors:

Simple knowledge and understanding of the Internet is enough to attend this school.


Nepal School on Internet Governance 2018 (npSIG 2018)

The NPSIG will offer a 2 days intensive learning course spanning several tracks. The course will cover general Internet governance issues including access, diversity, openness, security, critical Internet resources, privacy and human rights within the context of the Nepalese national imperatives. The program is expected to carry theoretical sessions, role-plays, and participants engagement activities.

08:30 Am

Registration and Breakfast

09:00 Am

Inagrual of the School [Welcome and Participant Introductions]

09:45 Am

Babu Ram Aryal


Introduction of Internet Governance: Concept and Development

10:45 Am

Tea break

11:00 Am

Binay Bohra


The Internet Governance Ecosystem in Nepal

12:00 PM

Hempal Shrestha


Internet Core Values (Internet principle and rights)

01:00 PM

Lunch Break

02:00 PM

Subhash Dhakal


Internet Governance from Government Perspective

03:00 Am

Shreedeep Rayamajhi


Internet Governance : Role Play [IG Stakehoolders]

04:00 PM

Tea Break

04:15 PM

Krishna Ram Dhunju (Dy. Director, Nepal Rastra Bank),
Dr. Pradip Paudyal (Ass. Director, NTA),
Bikram Shrestha (President, ISOC Nepal),
K. P Dhungana (Executive Editor, Sukrabar Weekly),
Arbind Sah


Blockchain, Crypto currency and Digital Economy: New Impact on Internet Governance [Panel Discussion]

05:15 PM

Close of Day


Nepal School on Internet Governance 2018 (npSIG 2018)



Information & Communication technology Center (ICTC)

Institutes of Engineering, Pulchowk
Date: 19 and 20 of January 2018
Time: 9AM to 6PM